Sharpen Your Saw

This Wellness for All Workshop Series promotes healthy changes in your school community!
Last updated: December 15, 2020
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Workshop Overview

Many years ago, Stephen Covey featured ways to ‘Sharpen THE Saw!’ He was on to something! Due to these stressful COVID times, why not learn how to update ways to “Sharpen Your Saw!” Change things around in your classroom. Students feel stress too!

These self-directed workshops are intended to inspire teachers to include new strategies for students to connect 7 effective habits to health, religion, literacy, civic engagement, other subjects, and best yet, life itself. By integrating cross-curricular activities daily, retention, and sustainability, becomes reachable. Practice makes perfect!

Enjoy an engaging digital workshop from home or school, with carefully curated links, YouTube videos, Ted Talks, and more. Collaborate with your colleagues. Collaboration is a MAJOR missing link in much that occurs in education. Complete workshops at your own pace, 24/7. Enrollment is free – and easy! Nothing to lose! Lots to gain! We only ask for a short evaluation at the end.

What to Expect?
• Reduced stress & boosted energy with engaging classroom activities.
• Discovering ways to implement 7 or 8 important habits.
• Free your time to be a coach instead of teaching and disciplining.
• And take your students from dependent to interdependent!

You say: “Nothing can be that easy.”
Harvard Medical disagrees: “Better habits mean better brain health.”

What better time to improve habits & increase brain cell release? To experience that wonderful dopamine rush, RIGHT NOW! Just subscribe below – I told you, it’s that easy!

Remember: Play well & you will stay well!

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