Every student, regardless of age, needs to have fun in music before you ask more from them. Your students enjoy seeing their teacher relaxed and having fun. You can play any of these games at anytime of the day. Not just in Music class. These activities provide skills, but most importantly, your kids will begin to look forward to and welcome the chance to let loose. Play around with these free, fun musical activities and songs. If you enjoy them, be sure to subscribe below for all the latest content.

Homeschoolers, you can get in on the action too! Now more than ever, music and movement is important. Try these activities with your kids and enjoy.

Body Percussion: Part 1 by Beat Goes On
2:17 minutes

Great intro to body percussion by a master coach. Kids can learn this in 10 minutes and then in pairs have them create their own body percussion to present to the others.

Body Percussion: Part 2″ by Beat Goes On
1:34 minutes

Your kids are starting to get the hang of this body percussion movement. Please have them note that their movements are repeated patterns. In Music, we call that ostinati. Where else in the world, do they see or use repeated patterns? (Math, Dance, outside the window, line of trees or fence posts) like symmetry when drawing (Visual Arts). WOW – what integration from one short video, teachers?? You can get a lot of integration from this. Maximize it!

Celebration: Repeated Patterns to Music by Playing for Change
3:52 minutes

Time for a challenge. Ok, girls and boys. It is time to try repeated patterns with our body percussion to music. How can we use the percussion moves we just learned to keep a beat with the music?

Then in small groups, ask the kids to create four repeated moves to dance to this music. Allow each group to perform in the middle, one after another. Come on, let’s celebrate!

Watch This Body Percussion Performance by Body Avlaia Group
2:53 minutes

See how far you get trying to keep up with this group. WOW! It is harder than it looks!

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