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Wellness influences how people feel and function in their daily lives.  With Wellness for All Workshops, 20 weeks of empowering, fun activities provide everything you need to teach staff and students to:

The Economic Impact of Learning Losses, Teacher And Student Absenteeism and The Strain n Mental Health in Schools Cannot Be Ignored!

The outcomes of social emotional skills being addressed occasionally are vast:

Improved student learning practices and social and emotional needs are crucial, especially during and after a crisis!

These are the questions that Principals & Superintendents should consider. As a leader in education, can you honestly…

What if I could introduce you to digital wellness workshops, that can be completed during school hours, for K-Grade 8 staffs? Start it in January or when you want. That means Professional AND Personal Development is covered, too! All for the same price!

Learn why this WELLNESS for ALL LEARNING SYSTEM is only offered to Principals and Superintendents who want to transform their school community to ‘a culture of wellness.’ It is FREE for administrators; teachers; support staff, including educational assistants; office and custodian staffs; and outside agencies working with your school (social workers, CYWs, co-op placements and health professionals). What an inclusive list of participants!

To be briefed and become aware, look through these resources here, to realize what a positive impact this ‘system of learning’ makes. You will see that daily practices start to build a culture of wellness IMMEDIATELY! A per head charge for students makes this a very reasonable school or Board wide SOLUTION! Costing from 8 to 12 cents per day.

If you’d like to talk to me, then I’d happily set aside some time for you. Included is an easy booking form on this page, where you can choose an appointment time that works for you. That’s it!                                

Please fill out the application form included, so I am prepared to help YOU during our call!


I look forward to speaking with you, moving forward with a plan that builds a strong school community, filled with lifelong practices of wellbeing! “If you risk nothing, then you risk everything!” Let’s chat!

I look forward to speaking with you all, 

Patricia Gough
Founder & Director of Wellness for All

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Briefing Summary

For Public Schoolboards. An in-depth look into our workshop series and company, including our history and basis of our program.

Briefing Summary

For Catholic Schoolboards. An in-depth look into our workshop series and company, including our history and basis of our program.

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Patricia Gough is an experienced educator who spent 18 years in the classroom and 12 years in administration. Her passion for life is integrating the arts into the soul of education, along with providing evidence-based well-grounded practices in well-being. Her strong background and interest in the arts and building strong, collaborative school communities was calling Pat to follow her dream: writing meaningful, evidence based, well researched programs to help build healthy communities.

Briefing Summary