Hello Again! We wanted to make sure you didn't miss out on this amazing webinar. Life happens! But don't worry - we have included the webinar here to make sure you can still watch it! Below, you'll find all the information you need to get onboard with the WFA Movement!

Thank you, parents, for participating in this wonderful opportunity to assure your child is prepared, with years of life skills, to be ready for an unpredictable future. We hope this video has inspired you to act. PLEASE join our awareness campaign that builds healthier habits and daily life skills, in school, and at home, too. How do you do that?

Simply, follow these THREE steps.

1) Join the “We Want Our School to Be Involved in the Wellness for All Learning System Campaign!” To support this movement, complete the form below and press submit! It’s that easy!!

(We do NOT share or use email addresses for any purpose, other than to determine the number of supporters, and to keep you updated about our progress in your community. We aim to inspire – not spam. You always have the option to opt out of future communication).

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2) Download and share the informational package found below with your school’s principal, which includes the rationale for choosing the WFA evidence-based workshop series as a terrific way to build social-emotional life skills into students’ daily lessons. Print the mind map of skills so you can refer to the great life lessons your child will enjoy.

3) Talk to other parents about joining the campaign.We want schools across Ontario and Canada to benefit too! Share the link below with with friends, chat to other parents on the playground, mention it on social media, at book clubs, meet for a coffee, and approach your Parent Council members. Spread the good news! Everyone deserves to hear about it. 

Simply share this link www.wellnessforall.ca/parents or visit the page and use the buttons at the bottom to get the word out!

At this point in the history of your child’s school life, when discovering and practicing healthier daily habits and life skills is so paramount, that we need parents’ voices and participation to make this shift to wellbeing happen NOW! Sign up, speak up, and prepare to take a bow, when your school community happily shifts its stressed, depressed state, to a healthier, happier environment! All because of you!

My heartfelt gratitude to all concerned parents who dare to risk by blazing a trail and leading the path for others! Congratulations and many thanks for your support!

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