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We offer a transformational platform for rethinking education that thrives on helping teachers cope with change in creative ways. We believe in a holistic integrated approach to education that enhances and enriches the lives of children and touches the souls of teachers. Join us on the greatest personal & professional journey, where you will finally learn how to see and realize that everything connects to everything else! And don’t forget to subscribe below so you can be the first to know when new content becomes available.

Coaching it’s not about your coach, but about this relationship of trust that we create to propel you where you want to go, to who you want to be.




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Changed Mindset Challenge

FREE Enrollment Open. Digital, self-directed workshop for adults. This is a condensed version of David Bayer’s workshops, with content applicable to those of you interested in learning the reason that socialemotional skills MUST matter to you, your students, your family, and your workplace. 

Sharpen Your Saw Series

Enrollment Closed. Digital, self-directed workshop for teachers intended to inspire new ways to connect Covey’s 7 Habits in the classroom. This workshop is made for teachers, and includes a great activity for your classroom students. Best of all – the workshop is FREE! 

The Changing Landscape of Learning

Contact WFA Team for more information on school enrollment. This digital workshop engages both elementary and secondary students, teachers, and staffs – with access 24/7. Included you’ll find everything you need including assessment and reporting. Enrollment for schools and school boards is always open; contact us today!  

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