Proudly Introduces The Outrageous, Passionate, Rebel With A Cause, Founder And Director: Patricia Gough

Patricia Gough, Founder and Director, of this digital workshop series is an experienced educator who spent 18 years in the classroom and 12 years in administration. Her passion for life is integrating the arts into the soul of education, along with providing evidence-based well-grounded practices in well-being. Her strong background and interest in the arts and building strong, collaborative school communities was calling Pat to follow her dream: writing meaningful, evidence based, well researched programs to help build healthy communities.

As Teacher, Coordinator, Vice-Principal and Principal of elementary schools, Pat knew that she wanted to design easy-to-follow programs for entire staffs of schools to become empowered to use improved wellness strategies school-wide, with all members of staff supporting and embracing new, improved ways of well-being.

In order to design these programs, Pat knew that she needed time to practice, adjust and develop before the design stage. She knew that she needed to create opportunities where she could ‘play, experiment and explore in the field’ and try out her ideas. Pat made a radical life decision by leaving her Principal position, after years in traditional, school settings to experiment in the field.

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Ministry Funding

Pat received $1.2 million dollars in funding from the Ministry of Education, to create a digital elementary integrated arts curriculum in Music, Dance and Drama. She became a consultant for the Ministry of Agriculture, writing farm to table curriculum and offering workshops in hundreds of schools.


Pat was blessed to also travel with educators, parents, neuro-scientists, and health care professionals, including positive psychologists as she joined several research groups, again travelling to work on evidence-based studies, with new learning strategies, meeting many educators and dispelling global myths.

Secondary Pilot

Fortunately, she was funded by Dr. Gina Browne, in Health & Social Services Utilization Research Unit, from McMaster University and her Research Team at Innovation Park in Hamilton, in a 4-year program with disenfranchised secondary students. This was so successful, that high school co-op teachers did everything to help the funding continue but sadly, as with most funded programs, the pot eventually runs dry.

A Collaborative Effort

That was the experience that made Pat realize how much the secondary kids benefitted from their program. Every student, in attendance over 2-4 years helped design different components of that self-directed program. This started her on the path to designing several digital programs, promoting Wellness for All Learning Systems for elementary schools, secondary schools, home-school educators and eventually for seniors, retirement homes and businesses too. Who doesn’t need a wellness boost?

" I’m very picky with whom I give my energy to. I prefer to reserve my time, intensity and spirit exclusively to those who reflect sincerity. "
Tommy Rivers
UI / UX Designer