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Start Your School's Wellness Initiative

Wellness influences how people feel and function in their daily lives.  With Wellness for All Workshops, 20 weeks of empowering, fun activities provide everything you need to teach staff and students to:

Every teacher and student will flourish on their path to wellness.

These workshops have the potential to improve universal wellness strategies for entire communities. When everyone begins to speak the same language and practice the same best daily habits, an entire community and family-life can be transformed, with amazing positive results.

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About Wellness for All

The Wellness for All Learning System supports the beliefs and principles of positive psychology. The goal of the positive psychology movement is to make normal life more fulfilling. Who does not approve of that? 

Instead of focusing on what is wrong with you, positive psychology asks the question: “What is right with you?” It asserts that strength is as important as weakness. Our Wellness Workshops are loaded with strength building activities, tools, and techniques! Many ideas come from the teachings of positive psychology!

Limitless learning, limitless possibilities

Learning can happen anywhere with our platform on your computer, mobile device, or tablet, in a classroom or at home!

Our Publications

Dig in with a cup of your favourite liquid and read why Wellness for All Workshops are the best on the market. So easy to implement, chocked full of engaging activities that are fun and effective, as you navigate your way through The Changing Landscape of Learning!

Workshop Brochure

Share this brochure with your colleagues, staff, or parents while talking about WFA and the benefit to your school community.

Briefing Summary

An in-depth look into our workshop series and company, including our history and basis of our program.

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