Patricia Gough,
Founder and Director

Patricia Gough is an experienced educator who spent 18 years in the classroom and 12 years in administration. Her passion for life is integrating the arts into the soul of education, along with providing evidence-based well-grounded practices in well-being. Her strong background and interest in the arts and building strong, collaborative school communities was calling Pat to follow her dream: writing  meaningful, evidence based, well researched programs to help build healthy communities.

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As Teacher, Coordinator, Vice-Principal and Principal of elementary schools, Pat realized how urgent it was to get schools hooked on healthy habits. For that to happen, all members of staff needed to be involved, so the entire school community would collaborate and learn together. The main goal of programming was to introduce enough healthy tools that students could use, not just during school hours, but for the rest of their lives. To be successful, daily time slots needed to be introduced school-wide!

To design evidence-based programs, Pat knew that she needed time to practice, adjust and develop, before the design stage, where she could create opportunities to ‘play, experiment and explore’ and try out her ideas. Pat made a radical life decision to leave her Principal position, after years in traditional, school settings to do just that. Wellness for All Workshop series was born! Read more about WFA and Patricia Gough here.

The Four Pillars of Wellness for All

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With Wellness for All Workshops, 20 weeks of empowering, fun activities provide everything you need to implement in your school or at home. 

For a closer look at some of the valuable content in our workshop, download the overview of Week 1 from The Changing Landscape of Learning for Catholic Elementary and Secondary Students.

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Wellness for All Workshops offer three evidence-based assessments for all students, with three separate scores, to help staff determine the weaknesses and strengths of each pupil. This supports ‘Individualized Personal Pupil Plans’ for improvement. You will administer the first round of questionnaires in Month 1, half-way through the workshops and after completion.

Ongoing assessments in the form of Charts, Anecdotal Records and Rubrics are also included in the WFA Series. Here is one example of a Rubric for each level.

Workshop Feature

Our workshop series provides evidence-based, daily wellness, lifelong lessons in an easy to use platform and features:

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