The Solution: ArtsAround!


Rethinking the Value of Integrating the Arts into Other Subjects + Real Life

So many elementary teachers have been teaching Music and Visual Arts for years. Many of those lessons stand in isolation, without connecting directly to cross-curricular subjects or life itself. When I was teaching, we had music books to follow with a lot of theory. Most of the fun activities had to be created by the teachers themselves.

Often music programs provided suggestions or new ways to teach music, but did not quite explain the process. So, it still required research. I did not ever have a Visual Arts program to follow, so I created that one too.

When I left traditional education, I did so to create the ‘dare-to-dream, fully integrated arts program’ that included everything a teacher needed to deliver a fun, engaging time, in every class. One that was so easy that teachers without an arts background could feel like a million dollars. I wanted kids to fall in love with the arts and not just tolerate them.

But Music and Visual Arts were not all the arts. What about Dance (movement and creative expression) and Drama (feelings and social competencies)? Now we are talking! So that is exactly what I did.

If you want to take a glimpse at the world’s ONLY totally integrated, digital program in Music, Dance and Drama, visit and expect to get excited! Such great value, ready to go, with curriculum expectations, Rubrics, handed to you on a silver platter!

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