COVID-19 + Education: Latest Ontario Updates

August 13 2020: Ontario’s four major education unions have requested an immediate meeting with the Minister of Labour and representatives from the Ministry of Education, contending that the government’s “Guide to Re-Opening Ontario’s Schools” fails to meet the requirements set out in the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act.

“By reopening schools without measures to appropriately address critical issues, the Ministry of Education has placed the health and safety of educators, their students and the entire school community in significant and imminent danger,” states the letter, which can be viewed here.

Read the full news release here.

August 7 2020: TORONTO — The reopening of schools in the province comes under sustained criticism.” Ontario’s education minister opened the door to more measures in schools in September as the government’s plan to safely reopen schools in the province comes under sustained criticism from education unions, school board officials and parents. Read more about this back-to-school update here.

June 19, 2020: Education Minister Stephen Lecce and Premier Doug Ford announce “We are taking every precaution, investing more, and listening to the best medical advice in the country to keep students, staff, and families safe,” Lecce said.

Our Response: “I want to assure parents, safety is our guiding principle and the right supports are being put in place to ensure our students are set up for success.” The Wellness for All Learning System has risen to the cause, Minister Lecce and Premier Ford! Educators, Parents, and Health Professionals, who are embracing healthier daily habits for students, in Ontario, are bringing a sustainable wellness plan to schools and homes across Ontario! We are demonstrating that we are in this together!!